A Quick Look At The OnePlus Nord CE Phone

by Worldhide | November 16th, 2021

One year after OnePlus boldly stepped into the low-budget and mid-range smartphone market with its wildly popular OnePlus Nord, it’s back with the OnePlus Nord CE 5G. That in the name means a new device that improves on an already outstanding smartphone. The first model of the OnePlus was one of the most popular smartphone on the market, and its high price coupled with a sub-par user experience saw it quickly become a flagship device in the burgeoning smartphone market. Now, with the release of the second edition of the OnePlus, this smartphone has really upped its game. OnePlus Nord CE

Unlike many other devices in the current smartphone market, the OnePlus Nord CE comes with two storage variants. There’s a single 16GB storage variant which can be used by anyone willing to buy a smartphone, and there’s a Pro variant which is sold with a pro player package including a software download, professional skins, and more. The difference in these two storage variants lies in the amount of apps that can be stored on the phone. The single storage variant is enough for anyone who wants to keep only a handful of apps on their phone – it’s just not powerful enough to store anything else.

The good thing about the single storage variant is that it’s compatible with most of the existing apps on the Android Market right now, which makes it a very easy device to use. As for the Pro variant, it gives you the freedom to purchase any number of additional apps from its database. Although this might sound like a great thing (if you have a lot of apps), in practice the Pro variant of the OnePlus Nord CE comes out way behind in terms of speed and memory. The reason is simple: when you have more apps installed on your phone, your device spends more time booting up and offloading apps.

The second storage variant of the OnePlus Nord CE comes as a part of a pre-order deal, and although it’s difficult to say how effective this pre-order deal actually is, the fact remains that it exists. The phone was launched in June, so technically it’s not too long before people will start trying to obtain one. As such, most stores selling the phone offer a refund or exchange period of a few months to a year, depending on the model and reseller. For anyone who wants to test the waters before deciding to buy the phone, the pre-order deal might be an interesting idea.

Compared to the standard sized and weighty smartphones, the standard sized Oneplus Nordic CE offers much less in the way of storage. It’s powered by a mobile communication OS that’s built on top of Android 4.4 Kit Kat, which is a significantly scaled down version of the latest Android operating system. If you’re looking for a larger memory space – and if you want to avoid paying for a new handset – then the snapdragon 750g could be the phone for you. But as for whether or not you can take advantage of the pre-order deal to secure a discount, that all depends upon your reseller and the store where you buy the phone.

Despite lacking a large memory space, the Oneplus Nordic CE offers a lot in the way of features. There are many unique functions that are provided through its dialer, including a virtual keyboard, notification light, quick dial, and a secondary display. It also offers a high-end multimedia player, which allows you to enjoy your music and videos straight from your home screen, without having to mess around with external media sources. This phone does not have any particularly noteworthy features, but instead it offers a functional smartphone that might appeal to some people. However, the standard price of the device is more than what many would like to pay for it. If you are interested in buying the device, the best way to get a good deal is by signing up to get an offer code from your retailer – make sure you use one that is valid.

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